Our Company Makes Both Heavy-Duty and Decorative Gates in Hamilton, NZ

If you’re looking for decorative driveway gates for your home in Hamilton NZ or a sturdy gate for your cattle farm, we can manufacture gates to your specifications, and weld them to any size you prefer. We pride ourselves on our quality work, and also our quick turnaround time.

What is The Process of Gate Fabrication in Hamilton

Most of us want to secure our properties, whether domestic or a rural smallholding or farm. You will naturally want access- therefore you need to install a gate. There is a process involved when customising the entrance according to the space it needs to cover. 


  • The first step is to research the requirements and designing the gate after that. Here you must consider your budget and your needs. Everything depends on the function required of the gate − will it be needed for security purposes? The location and style of the entrance come into play. For instance, you may want a decorative barrier for your driveway and a strong but simple gate for your smallholding. 

  • The second step will be the development. The type of gate created will feature in the type of welding you’ll require. A security gate which has the purpose of offering protection will require heavy-duty steel. A simple gate, however, can be made out of lighter material, such as stainless steel; and will require a different type of welding. 

  • The third step will be the transport and installation of the gate, ensuring that it functions correctly - this could include adding automation.

Common Mistakes People Make With Gates in Hamilton 

To avoid headaches and wasting money, it will help if you avoid a few common mistakes when installing a gate. 


  • Selecting the incorrect material and design for your gate. There are by-laws in Hamilton prohibiting gates higher than three metres. Also, to ensure durability and low maintenance, selecting the most suitable material is crucial. 

  • Selecting the wrong location for your gate is another mistake. It may be problematic to move the gate later on if the drainage is not correct; or if the space is insufficient for a car to move through.

  • If it’s an automatic gate, consider the function of the gate: is it going to be a swinging or a sliding gate? A sliding gate will require a track for the gate and usually operates optimally on level ground. In the case of a swinging gate, you need enough space to open it without damaging your car. 

To avoid related problems, contact us so that we can advise you. We will take pleasure in designing, making, and installing a gate that will work for your needs.

About Waikato General Engineering

Our company is family run with a strong focus on high-quality products at a reasonable price. We focus on creating various services − more than merely general engineering, but also on machinery and mechanical repairs. However, we manufacture any type of gate, whether a simple farm gate or a custom-designed gate for a driveway.  


If you require an entryway that will work optimally for you, having a bespoke gate manufactured is ideal. Our gates are designed based on the function they will serve, which also determines the material that we’ll use to make them. Make use of our keen, customer-oriented service if you want a gate that will satisfy you aesthetically as well as budget-wise.


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