Our General Engineering Company Offers Trailer Repairs in Hamilton

A well-maintained trailer can save you money and time now and in the future. The size of the trailer does not matter – we can assist you with any trailer repairs in Hamilton.

What Does Trailer Repair Service in Hamilton Involve

The key is to make sure that your trailer is roadworthy, irrespective of the size. Roadworthiness for the trailer means that it needs to meet specific legal requirements. Your WOF specialist will point out any matters which you must resolve before you can receive a WOF certificate. At that stage, you may require some repairs to ensure that the trailer remains compliant. 


  • One crucial aspect is the electrical wiring and lights of the trailer. Diagnosing and repairing the wiring will ensure that the lights always function correctly. This diagnosis involves more than simply checking whether the bulbs are working. We will also inspect the terminals and fuses to establish whether new wiring might be necessary. 

  • Another aspect is the welding repairs that may be required for the frame of the trailer. As a result of wear and tear, some framework repairs may be needed, such as fixing a broken weld. A big problem to avoid is damaging anything electrical when doing a welding repair. 

  • An easy way to spruce up a trailer that has seen better days is spray painting the frame.

Related Services We Provide to Trailer Repair in Hamilton

Besides simple trailers, we can also do a boat trailer repair in Hamilton. With boat trailers, specific aspects should be considered. 


  • If you note that your trailer wheels are not correctly aligned, it could mean impending axle issues; worse still, axle problems could be about to cause a serious accident. Axle failure could result from overloading, corrosion or lack of regular maintenance. 

  • To ensure that your boat trailer of over 3500kg adheres to the WOF certification which you must renew every three years, you need to ensure that your tyres, brakes, and other parts are all in working order. 

  • You will also need to ensure that the trailer is suitable for the weight of the boat. Also, you need to add the correct safety mechanisms such as safety chains and breakaway lights in case the trailer’s brakes fail.

Why A Customer Should Use Waikato General Engineering

You will find our family-based company in Whatawhata, in the Waikato area. We also supply services in Hamilton as well as in the surrounding regions such as Raglan, Te Awamutu, Cambridge, and Ngaruawahia, to name a few. Either way, for professional repairs to your boat trailer, contact us for an obligation-free quote. We don’t just repair trailers − we can also design and build you a trailer. However, the important aspect is our high-quality workmanship which we offer at a reasonable price. We want to provide you with value and maintain a long-term relationship with you, as our respected customer. Whenever you may need some repairs to your boat trailer, you will know that we are on standby, and we aim to please.  


Your boat trailer will require repairs from time to time, due to general wear and tear, but more so, you will need to ensure that it meets legal requirements. If you are unsure about what to do, call us. If you already have a problem, get in touch − we can assist you. Repairing your trailer can save you money.


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