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Enjoy the Convenience of Our Mobile Welding Service in Hamilton

Whether you need to make repairs or require new fabrication , our mobile welding service in Hamilton might just be the key to executing that work conveniently and efficiently. Most people think of welding happening in a workshop, which can be a challenge if you have a large or unwieldy piece or structure that you can’t easily transport from point A to point B. At Waikato General Engineering, we are proud to offer customer-friendly mobile welding in Hamilton.

Benefits of Mobile Welding Service in Hamilton

What makes mobile or on-the-go welding services in Hamilton such an ideal option for most customers? Here are a few of the key benefits of this type of service:

It’s more convenient and cost-effective. Transporting metal structures or components to a welding shop is, even in the best situations, inconvenient. For larger pieces, it might even require renting a van or truck that can fit the piece that requires welding repair or fabrication work. When we come to you, it streamlines the service into a more convenient, cost-effective process.

It’s more versatile. The fact is that you can’t bring everything to a welding workshop. Machinery, metal crates, or other smaller systems and components are somewhat portable; fences, gates, fixed structures, or larger equipment are not. Our mobile welding in Hamilton allows us to expand our welding services to include these larger, more cumbersome, or just generally immovable objects.

It’s faster. We know that some customers are hesitant to leave their stuff at a workshop, fearing that it will stay there for days or weeks. When you choose mobile welding, we come to you and get the job done on that visit. This type of service is especially ideal if you require agricultural machinery repairs or other relatively urgent fixes, as it reduces downtime and cost.


What Makes Waikato General Engineering a Reputable Company?

Why should you trust us with your welding in Hamilton? Here are a few factors that make us a reputable and trustworthy business:

You will work directly with the owner, Ben De Lacy, who focuses on complete quality control and takes great pride in the work he does.

We are dynamic. Ben is a a qualified tool maker and a qualified fitter turner with a broad skill set, spanning from welding and fabrication to engineering.

We provide reasonable pricing. We want our customers to think of us as a place where they can get terrific service at a great value. For that reason, we price each project very reasonably and always provide customers with a transparent upfront quote for the services they are requesting.

Our welding services in Hamilton are ideal for projects of all shapes and sizes, whether you require help with repairs, fabrication of new structures, or something else. To get your quote for our mobile welding services, contact us today

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Tig Welding Service In Hamilton

The Difference Between Our MIG and TIG Welding Service in Hamilton

If you require a welder, know that Waikato General Engineering offers both MIG and TIG welding services in Hamilton. However, if you’re not sure of the difference between these types of welding, or are wondering which is ideal for your project, read on to learn more.

What You Need to Know about TIG or MIG Welding Service in Hamilton

Here are a few key facts to help you understand the difference between TIG welding and MIG welding:

Both have similarities. Both TIG and MIG welding use an electric arc to create a weld and enable the welding process. However, the way in which these two types of welding use the arc is fundamentally different. TIG stands for ‘tungsten inert gas,’ while MIG stands for ‘metal inert gas.’

MIG welding is ideal for thicker pieces. If you have a welding job that involves the welding of thicker pieces of metal, you would likely be looking for a MIG welding service in Hamilton. The process behind MIG welding enables thicker welding, running a wire electrode through the welding gun that both ignites the spark for the weld and then melts into a weld pool to join the base materials. By acting as both the electrode and a filler for the weld, the feed wire of a MIG welder enables larger, thicker pieces of metal to be joined together. The filler means those thicker pieces can be joined without needed to be heated or melted all the way through.

TIG welding can be used on more types of metals. While MIG welding is best for larger industrial projects, it can’t be used for every weld—hence the importance of having a trusted engineer for TIG welding in Hamilton. MIG welding is limited to steel, stainless steel, and aluminium. TIG welding simply melts metals to join them together, without using a filler. It can be used with a broader range of metals and is ideal for smaller projects with thinner metal pieces that can easily be heated through and melted. It is also best for sanitation welding, as the absence of a filler means less risk of contamination.

Why Trust Waikato General Engineering Regarding MIG or TIG Welding in Hamilton?

We’ve mastered both MIG and TIG welding. Whether you think you need a MIG welding service or a TIG welding service in Hamilton, we can help. Our owner-operator, Ben De Lacy, has ample experience with both types of welding.

We can advise you on the best method. If you aren’t sure which type of welding is right for your project, just give us a call. We always consult with customers, learn about the project, and provide detailed price quotes before starting any work. We can advise you on the best approach for your welding project.

We can come to you. We offer a mobile welding service, which means we can come to you for welding projects. Especially if you are looking for MIG welding in Hamilton, you might be dealing with large, heavy, cumbersome, or even immovable pieces. By being able to come to you, we can work on a wider range of projects.

Are you interested in learning more about TIG or MIG welding? Contact Waikato General Engineering today.

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